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SS 2017

About Us


LIEUTENANT has it origin in a Portuguese company established in the footwear market since the 80’s – Marisport Ltd. The company’s successful growth in this sector over the years, offers today a status of excellence and quality assurance of its products. For years the company has been working with some of the biggest international shoe brands, producing almost all types of footwear, and maintains until today a business relationship, exporting its products to over 40 countries worldwide.


The way we walk and what we wear reflects our personality, a way of being and thinking. To be a leader you must be brave, have an attitude and a strong personality. The LIEUTENANT's philosophy is based on the life’s daily struggles, in overcoming barriers, achieving your goals and seeking to achieve ever more and better. Think positive, convey the message and command the "platoon". Always following the latest fashion trends, with high quality standards and distinctive lines that make the difference, our aim is to adapt your shoes to your personality, so, take a step forward with LIEUTENANT footwear.


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